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How to handle long-term commitments

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  • How to handle long-term commitments

    i really like gtd for the short term work, but how can i handle long-term commitments?
    what i mean is that i very often take some tasks which has to be fullfilled "somewhere" in the future, but then i will be overloaded by too much commitents, so how do i know if i will have time for a specific project in 6 months?


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    That's a hard one, Andi. I have that problem too.

    Somebody posted a quote (or maybe I read it) recently that really opened my eyes to it:

    A long term project must begin right now, since it is a long term project, it will take a long time to complete even if you start now! If you let it slide, then it becomes a shorter and shorter term project.

    The quotation was much more eloquent than that of course!

    But anyhoo, if it is a small item that doesn't have to be done for 6 months, then it goes on the lists, with some sort of reminder to pop up down the road in case you haven't gotten to it yet. (Some people program outlook to turn their tasks with impending deadlines a different color, or you could put a note in your tickler.)

    I'm not sure this is helpful, but I hope so!


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      If it is something that you need to start on now even though it is going to take 6 months to complete, put it on your project list with the successful outcome identified and then capture the NA on the appropraite context list. If you really don't need to start it for 4 months you could put a reminder of it in your tickler file for March and when you empty that folder on March 1 you'll say oh yeah and move forward on the project.



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        Tickler file.

        Yes, use tickler file (or its electronic equivalent) for active projects on hold reminders. Do not confuse active projects on hold with Someday/Maybe items (they are not active now).