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  • Back-Ups??

    Could someone kindly walk me throught the step by step process of how to do regular back-ups of "Microsoft Outlook GTD".
    I would like to keep a back-up copy of all my GTD files on my sanddisk via my USB port.

    Merci, Andre

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    Backing Up is hard to do ...

    ... no, not really. It's just not "automatic".

    There is a very simple tutorial at

    For my purposes, since I have a desktop and a laptop, I just have both echoing the same mail boxes. For contacts, I use Plaxo which automatically syncs the Outlook contacts folder with a free webbased store. This has the added value of you being able to access the information from Plaxo's web site which shows you your's but no one elses.

    I think there is also a tool on Microsoft's web site, which I don't have handy, that puts a backup entry on the file menu. It then backs up your data into an alternative spot. My gripe with it is I want it to back it up in two different places for maximum effect.

    In any event, I urge you to get started backing up asap. Havign suffered hard disk failure during my career, there is nothing more fustrating than starting from a brand new hard disk.

    The first time it happened, I was really caught flat footed. After that, I have had better and better times of it. I have even deliberately taken my backup to a trash amchine and restored what I had to see what exactly I would be left with should disaster befall me.

    Hope this helps,