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To Do vs Memo in Palm?

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  • To Do vs Memo in Palm?

    Palm users--How do you capitalize on the features of To Do vs. Memo? For example, do you use To Do for Projects and @Context Next/Action lists and Memo for various lists and reference data? Or, do you have @Context in Memo. Or what?

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    I use the task function for my context lists/next actions. Because I use the pigpog method, my projects are also in tasks. I use the memo function mainly for reference material. I also use a memo as an inbox and use ToDoDA to move stuff from the memo to my next action lists. The main advantage for me of using tasks is that I can use the due date function to electronically tickle items to my attention (my hard and fast due dates go on the calendar). I used to keep Someday/Maybe items in the memo program, but now I keep them in the task program with my context lists. Then I use the priority functions to designate how often I want to review certain Someday/Maybe items. This saves me time during my weekly reviews, because many of my Someday/Maybe items only require a monthly or quarterly review (e.g., traveling to Europe, which I have no intention of doing within the next year).


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      Not what you might expect, but here goes

      [The kind of system I'm about to describe may not work for you!]

      I have my entire GTD system in the MemoPad. The MemoPad categories are Reference, >Projects, [8 total]@Contexts, #On Deck, and !Inspirations. (The punctuation ensures that I rotate through them in my preferred order as I hit the application button.)

      Reference is pretty obvious: info that doesn't need archived paper and isn't actionable.

      >Projects is my Someday/Maybe and my Projects inventory - I prepend a "+" to the active projects that haven't gotten an NA yet - these are commited, but not at their 'start date' yet. Everything else is a pool of possibilities, reviewed as desired, no less than weekly.

      @[context] are my bins to hold projects that have at least an NA... since I also PigPog my projects, each "+" >Project entry that I decide to do something about gets an NA added as the new first line of the memo, and it goes in the proper context category. When the NA changes, so might the category, so I always have a real inventory of things I want to get to in each context.

      #On Deck is my personal trick to keep visible just the stuff that I want 'up front and in my face'. I move entries from the @ bins in here when they are important enough that I want to see them before the rest of my NAs. (Since I keep my tickler items as @context items, too, this #On Deck list lets me put the active ticklers here, then drop them back in the @context bin when they're pending.)

      !Inspiration is my way of reminding myself of all the helpful guidance I've collected along the way - helps me stay out of the self-deprecation and guilt and fear of failure and instead remember to take it a step at a time and just go for it...

      This system evolved out of a few personal preferences; since I couldn't get the builtin apps to play nice together, or with others, I made a Memo-only system that lets me do the minimum necessary editing and changing to each project memo as it moves through the whole system in any required way.

      [ "Your mileage WILL vary." ]



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        My Projects, Next Actions and Someday/Maybes are all entered in Tasks (aka To Do on earlier Palms), with each list assigned to its own category (e.g. @computer). Checklists and reference material (e.g. Focus Areas, Reference, Thoughts) go into Memos, each with its own category except for ad hoc lists which go into my category called "Lists." Date specific, hard landscape items go into the Calendar.