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Outlook GTD Add-in project question

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  • Outlook GTD Add-in project question

    The GTD add-in creates a task that represents the project entered. When the project is completed (ie. no more next is truly finished) you are left with that task action. I've been checking the "complete" box to get that project off the list, but then, in the future, something will come back to me and I'll need to reopen the project. I am able to get that project back into the drop down list, but that bolded task is no longer available in the project list. How can I get this back? Is there a better approach than what I'm using?

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    Use the add-in preferences


    If you add the project to the list in the add-in's preferences panel:

    Tools>Options>Getting Things Done>Manage Projects

    you should see the bold header. I find it's better to manage your project lists here than by deleting the bold project as you've been doing. You can hide the project from the drop down menu here which is great for finished or "sleeping" projects.

    I just leave the bold, empty projects in the Task View. If you want, you can rename them with a "z" or "`"at the beginning to force them to the bottom of an A-Z sort.



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      It sounds like maybe you are using a task view with filter to not show completed tasks. If you remove the filter, does the bold master task reappear?

      Just checking the complete box does not delete the task.