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Simple Outlook question

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  • Simple Outlook question

    Hello everyone from the UK!

    Just starting with the GTD method and so far so good.

    I'm also new to Outlook and need a veryu simple question answered.

    Is it possible to categorise your Contacts? For example I want to list everyone I know in both my business and social life and I can't see a way to put them into the different directories/folders. For example;

    business (management)
    business (sales)
    business (suppliers) etc.

    At present I've entered about 200 names and they're all dumped together so I've got my 90 year old grandmother's address/telephone number next to my most important client and it doesn't look right to me.

    Any help would be very helpful!

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    Yes, you can easily do this. Every contact record has a Categories field. Just open the record. You should see the Categories field in the lower right-hand side of the window.


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      Thanks Michael

      I've just found this on the MS website which looks useful

      By the way I've been looking at your blog, looks great and I'll be playing around with some of your ideas over the next month.

      Thanks a lot


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        Hiya GTDers!

        Got another simple Outlook question.

        Many of my contacts have two email addresses, work and private. I enter these in the contact folder as email1 and email2.

        However when I want to send that person an email (go to Contacts, right click on the name and click new email) both email addresses are put in the address bar.

        Is there any way to make the software just pick one address?

        Thanks a lot


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          Default e-mail address.

          I use Outlook Express for my e-mail. For any address book entry you can have many e-mail addresses but you can set one of them as default. I think Outlook has the same feature.


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            You can also put contacts into separate folders


            Not only can you put your contacts into categories, but you can also create a new folder and move all the contacts in a category (or whichever contacts you want) into a different folder.

            If you want more specific instructions, feel free to contact me on my non-business address: snoopycupra@ (Remove the spaces.)

            Hope that helps!

            Trisha Cupra, Life Coach