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Mucho thanks to everyone for product recommendations!

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  • Mucho thanks to everyone for product recommendations!

    I get the forums via RSS each day (thanks so much for that feature!!!!) and have made a number of product purchases based on recommendations from this group:

    1) I got a diving slate. I forgot who suggested that, but you are a freaking genius! What a super idea for recording notes in the shower. They are so cheap too! I got one for $10 at

    2) I purchased MindManager X5 Pro. What a super program for laying out ideas! A shame it doesn't include project tracking and various charts or I would just get rid of Microsoft Project. Why would you want to lay out a project in Project when you can do it visually and intuitively in MindManager. is selling MindManager X5 Pro for $235 right now. Much better than the $350 Mindjet wants.

    3) Just purchased Getting Things Done Fast! I'm anxious to hear the 2-day seminar via CD. Should be helpful. I already own Getting Things Done and Ready For Anything on CD.

    4) I purchased Managing Management Time: Who's Got the Monkey? by William Oncken. That was hard to get since it's out of print. Thankfully, in the Internet age, I was able to get it as a used book on Amazon. Very good read and helpful to me. I'm already "moving my fulcrum".

    5) I purchased Organizing from the Inside Out by Julie Morgenstern and already looking for Making Work Work to come out on CD.

    Thanks for all the helpful suggestions people! I see every forum post but don't respond much.

    Let me make a suggestion. I see lots of debates about where to put notes on your PC. I use My Notes Center - The program lets you create notes in a hierarchical tree. Really nice. The notes are free form text. Works great for me and the price is very nice - $25.00. I've been running GTD out of My Notes Center for a couple of years now. Really helpful.

    One of the nice things you can do with My Notes Center is have it "pop up" when you press a certain key or combination. That's really handy for all the interruptions we're all trying to catch and trap in our systems.

    Like I said before, I read every post that's created but don't post as much as I would like. Thanks for all the suggestions and even more, thanks for all the encouragement as I see everyone struggling/wrestling with implementing GTD each and every moment.

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    Ready for Anything CDs

    Just an FYI to everyone - the 'Ready for Anything' cd's are NOT read by David.

    I own "Getting things Done Fast" and have gotten so used to his voice and energy that hearing Brian Keeler narrate on "Ready for Anything" was horribly disappointing. In fact, I couldn't listen for more than a couple of minutes before putting them away. Back to the library they go... sure am glad I tried them before buying them.

    David - please record this yourself!

    Kim D


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      You must be referring to the unabridged book on CD: the abridged version does have David reading (except for the chapter titles).