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Audible Version of GTD outside the US?

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  • Audible Version of GTD outside the US?

    I just registered with's free trial and was hoping to pick up GTD as one of my choices.

    Sadly, when it came to add it to my account, it came up with the warning that "ALERT: is not authorized to sell this title to your geographic location.".

    Given I'm based in the UK, do I have any other options on getting an electronic version of the book that will play on my iPod?

    Anyone at Davidco know if there is a UK supplier of the electronic version of the book?

    If not, what are my chances of getting a kind US person with an audible account to buy and email a copy on my behalf, and I return the favour by getting them something else to the equivalent value off audible, or similar?*

    * Note that I am not asking for a pirated copy; I want David to get my money, but I can't buy via audible 'cos I'm a few thousand miles east of the correct place...

    Of course, if buying on my behalf is against the terms/rules as well, or an emailed copy wouldn't work 'cos of DRM, then forget the idea. I certainly don't want to tread on any legal toes, but I'd love to get an audible version I can dip into when a book isn't appropriate.


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    You could rip the CD version


    Sorry to hear about this difficulty. As a workaround, you might consider getting the audio book on CD to rip to MP3 files which you could you listen to on your PC or audio player. The files will, unfortunately, be bigger than Audible's proprietary, DRM'ed format but it'll give you what you're looking for.

    I've ripped the GTD Fast CDs to my Tablet PC and listen to it while doing my Weekly Review (the processing stage in particular when I can listen and do something else pretty well).


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      You might try the iTunes Music Store. They also carry audiobooks, including GTD. Since you already have an iPod, downloading will be a breeze. They may have the same restriction as Audible, but it's worth a try.

      Good luck,



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        Unfortunately, the UK iTunes Music Store doesn't carry the book--presumably for the same reasons.

        Looks like the only solution is to buy the CD version and rip it myself.

        Is there a UK supplier of the CDs, or would I have to order those from the US direct?