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    Hopefully this will help any Newbies... speaking as a simpleton , and someone not anxious to create a tangle of folders or procedures that actually ADD to the time taken to progress my work... If you are using Outlook conventionally, this will save you perhaps 20% of your time in Outlook and offer some peace of mind

    Well, last Friday Amazon delivered the GTD book (great!) to me here in London - I skimmed it over the w/end, visited this web site, checked the Forum and bought the on-line pdf for Outlook - it's good.

    I'm still considering buying the plug-in... but concerned about re-configuring Outlook and any conflicts (I use an anit-spam Outlook plug-in).

    I think I understand the general principals and wanted to move to an 'intermediate' stage - so I can use the principals but not make changes to Tasks, in particular, that will be affected by the Outlook plug-in - not at this stage - from reviewing Forum posts... I've never used them anyway...

    Well, I've just cleared my Outlook In-Box tonight, Tuesday!

    So the advice: at most the basic level of GTD, which I'm doing, create new files (x enables you to see them easily), called as follows - with info:-

    'x Action' - for important items (I move to this from Outlook Inbox & if they are time-critical, I also drag and drop into Calendar too)
    'x Waiting for' - where you are waiting for client/ colleague decision, for example
    'x Read/ review' - for all the e-newsletters etc you get

    Read the book and follow the general GTD guide for each e-mail of Deal with It (2 mins max), Defer it, Delegate it, etc

    This should take care of all the Inbox files you deal with inc addiionally those you Delete OR move to an already configured Outlook file for each client/ project etc

    The Outlook Bar: you can move items up/down by right clicking and drag/drop to increase prominence into current screen view, for example with your x files (above): I discovered this tonight - thanks to CosmoGTD in the Gear, Gadgets Forum!!! As I said I'm a

    Another tip for your 'things I must do today' - in Calendar, double-click just below the date info, to create an Outlook 'All Day Event' - you can then define the item and it won't impinge upon all your Calendar items.. it'll just be at the top of the page to remind you during the day... Experiment

    Seperately, I also have a Word page for each client with all relevant core info (I'm a marketing/PR consultant) : right-click a phrase you type (eg 'client web site') and click Hyper-link to link to relevant Word Files OR URLs. So I have a Word page for each client/ project.

    The above takes little time to do, and is a great first step in taking control of Outlook e-mails and projects using the GTD principals