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  • Discovering GTD

    I was reflecting on how I came upon GTD and wondered if anyone else would like to share their discovery stories.

    I was introduced to GTD via an email newsletter from MindJet about their MindMapper product. There was an offer to download a sample chapter and link to Amazon UK. I read the chapter and ordered the book late last year. I started on some of the principles before i finished the book and haven't looked back. It's made such a difference to my work environment. Thanks.

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    For me it was an article by Jim Fallows in Atlantic Monthly in Spring 2003. There are one or two strings on this BB about the article, and I know there were a number of people who discovered GTD by reading it, as well as a few who discovered the Atlantic.

    The article was so intruging that I bought the book the next morning and by the end of that day I had ordered the FAST cd's. It changed the way I organize my entire life and I haven't looked back since, althoug I am still struggling to integrete GTD to the extent I want.


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      In my case it was a lucky coincidence of having it seen being mentioned in a blog (without giving it further notice), a friend showing me the main diagram the very same evening and my lokal bookstore not having it available so I had to order it (I'd never bought it if I had a chance to quickly peek in. The german book-cover is terrible and the title not catchy at all). The day my book arrived my notebook broke so I had an unwanted timeframe of a whole week (I'm freelancing and need it for almost everything) to work my way through thoroughly. Ever since I'm hooked


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        I found out about GTD and David Allen on The ladies there were reading Getting Things Done and doing a book discussion via their message board. I was so intrigued by the discussions and knew this was what I was looking for.


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          Discovering GTD

          Through pure luck I came across it randomly browsing Saw the rave reviews and decided people must be onto something! Like others, I've been hooked ever since.


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            I had been reading a number of books/web articles about time management. I was not content with my system due to the fact that my work as a senior pastor was expanding, with added denominational responsibilities damanding more and better management of my schedule and work. I found David's book one afternoon, read part of the first chapter and bought it. It's been a journey of fresh discovery and renewed commitment to Getting Things Done.


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              Cool Tools

              This entry in Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools blog. I discovered Tony Buzan's mind-mapping concepts a couple of years back, so when I saw it mentioned in a personal organization context, coupled with the "stress-free productivity" concept, I picked up the book.


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                Saw David Allen mentioned in a newsletter by Laura Stack in 2002, started lurking at this forum at the beginning of 2003 and bought the book (English version) in summer of 2003.



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                  I read an article about David in Fast Company magazine maybe 4-5 years ago. Went to the website, and have been hooked ever since...


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                    Damaged Book

                    I was browsing in a bookstore that sold remainders and damaged books and came across GTD. The dustcover had a small rip in it. It looked interesting but I never thought it would turn out to be so important to me.


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                      Isn't it amazing how many of us happened upon GTD by chance?


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                        I receive a free email newsletter from Dr. Joseph Mercola. I've tried a number of things he has recommended in the past and none of them were of any value to me at all. He once raved about some Brian Tracy book. I had never heard of Brian Tracy. I bought the book and it added nothing to my life.

                        Mercola spoke highly of GTD. I went into GTD totally jaded. I felt I didn't have much to lose, but the odds of my gaining much from another self-help book were quite low.

                        I feel forever indebted to Dr. Joseph Mercola for turning me on to GTD. GTD has truly transformed my life. If I can get one nugget every two years from that is as valuable as GTD has been, then I will be quite fortunate.

                        There have been past discussions about what it is that distinguishes those people (like me) for whom GTD is a godsend, and those who get nothing out of it. I don't think anyone has come up with a truly satisfactory answer. I am just grateful that Mercola was able to grasp the genius of GTD and that he shared GTD with his millions of subscribers.

                        That said, GTD cannot accomplish miracles. Personally, my life still has a lot of stress. There is no formula for making the right decisions and doing the right things. GTD is not a formula for success. GTD is a technique, like Mindmaps or Gantt Charts for flow charts. GTD is an enormously effective technique. But the user has to be smart enough to recognize that GTD will not do the work for her, GTD will not make the decision for her, and GTD will not get her out of a jam. GTD is a structure--and enormously powerful and effective structure--for doing, deciding, and creating. I like to think that as Arabic numerals were to Roman numerals, so GTD is to traditional planning. Arabic numerals don't eliminate errors, they just reduce them relative to Roman numerals.


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                          I read about David & GTD in FastCompany in 2000, just prior to the release of David's first book. When the book was released, I purchased it immediately.

                          One of my favorite sayings is that "both golf and bowling are sports you can play all your life, and never get better at them"... and so it goes with GTD. I have played around with the concepts, tools, tips, tricks, etc. I have all the books, articles, bookmarked blogs, etc. Did you notice what was missing?? The weekly review done consistently! Go ahead, ignore it. GTD won't live up to its' billing. Keep playing with software solutions. GTD won't live up to its' billing. Get it? Well, as soon as I tweak my "places" in LifeBalance I'll do my weekly review


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                            It was mentioned in an article I read on how to use ShadowPlan (a Palm application) to "Organize Your Life".

                            Shortly after reading it I googled GtD, and from that point on, there was no turning back. :P


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                              I saw something about GTD while seaching the internet for outlook enhancements. I think it was on I bought the book, and right away bought the add-in since I didn't have any time to spend setting up outlook myself.