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What to do with non-fileable items waiting to be N/A'd?

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  • What to do with non-fileable items waiting to be N/A'd?


    What do you do with a big item that is waiting to be next-actioned? I have a software box in my inbox. The next action to install it has been entered into my @Computer category. Until I get to this n/a, what do you recommend I do with this big, bulky box on my desk?

    David Allen recommends filing papers as their own next action or tickler in the reminder file, however this big box won't fit in the filing cabinet and is an annoyance on my otherwise (mostly) clean desk.


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    Unless you are going to get to this right away, I'd say whereever you want to put it is fine as long as it isn't in your way - under your desk maybe. Now that you have it in your NA list, you won't forget you need to do this and you don't have use the thing itself to remind you that it needs to be done.

    This an example of one of the things I like about GTD. It helps to greatly reduce clutter because you don't have to use the thing itself as a reminder. Before you used GTD, you probably had to keep that box sitting there taking up valuable desk space to remind you that yourself that it needs to be done....and eventually you grow numb to the fact that is there. (my boss once had a package of BBQ potatoe chips sitting on his desk for TWO YEARS (I'm not exaggerating) until his assistant finally tossed it) . I've found that over time, I've gradually become more sensitive to what is in my work space because if it sitting there, it should mean that I'm actively working on it.

    I find that stuff that is temporary like this....things to be returned to the store, gifts to be given, stuff to be put together or installed...have been a tough area to tackle as far as clutter goes. GTD has helped...I used to leave this type of thing out in a prominent place in order to remind my to do it is on a list and I can stick the thing in a closet until it is time to deal with it and not completely forget about it.


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      What to do

      If dealing with the large item is something you want to be reminded of by your tickler filer just put the software box where ever it is convenient and then put a paper in the tickeler date you want that says: "Install software. box in hallway closet shelf" You have a reminder and you know where you put it.