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GTD Fast - for energy.

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  • GTD Fast - for energy.

    I am re-listening to the "GTD Fast” CDs.

    If anyone was laboring under the illusion that GTD is somehow a “passive” or a “reactive” system, well then you need to listen to these CDs. They will blow away any notion of passivity you may have.

    The book may leave some people thinking: “well, now I’ve got all my open loops neatly labelled/listed/NA’d, tickled etc; is that all there is?”, and it may lack the message – “Ok, you’ve got all that crap out of your head, now here is what you are REALLY capable of”.

    The CDs make up for this and deliver a sense of potential in truckloads. They clearly convey the fact that most of us are caught up in a mighty river of ongoing change (commonly know as the office) and that there is no shortage of momentum available in an everyday business. With GTD you can tap into that momentum without having your head wrecked with overload.

    The CDs are awash with the energy that the system promises to those who use it to free up their intelligence. If I start to quote them I will just end up transcribing the whole lot: he really has packed 20 years of experience in there.

    For me it is a vital refresher.


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    Originally posted by CosmoGTD
    i just literally ordered GTD-Fast yesterday!
    Excellent! I'm dying to hear what you think. As well as informative, it's an entertaining listen too.



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      Yes... the tips for integrating the various 'levels' of your life (from runway on up to 50,000 feet) are excellent.

      He makes the point several times that the entire GTD methodology grew out of a necessity to clean up the runway (projects and next actions) so that clients could then begin to think with a clear mind about strategic goals.

      One of my favorite slogans or mantras from GTDF that I think is extremely empowering is "Make it up... make it happen." For some reason, that just gets me going.


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        Your top Tips for 'Proactive' GTD?

        I have not got the CDs - don't know if I can get them in the UK.... from what you've read , what are your top tips for 'proactive' GTD - as opposed to reactive, clearing up the debris...


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          I think he is just radiating GTD energy throughout – even though he talks for hours, there is not one single superfluous word. It’s a great example of just being focussed on the task at hand (delivering the seminar) and doing an excellent job.

          He says that when you are in the “mind like water” zone, then all you have to do is the next thing, and then the next thing, with full energy and no stress. I guess everything feels good to do when you are there, and it shows in his delivery!