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  • Typing improvement software

    My typing stinks. It was a major impediment to getting things done with a Palm, which I am going back to, because my handwriting is so messy that my switch to paper planners doesn't work.

    But I need some software for typing. Has anyone used a program like this for this purpose?



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    Mavis Beacon

    It's been a while since I used it, but Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing is THE BEST. And I have seen it in stores and on Amazon. I highly recommend it. I used it as a child because it seemed so much like a game, and it took my typing speed up to 90 wpm.


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      I'm using Mavis right now. It's the first typing program I've used, so I can't compare it to others, but it's pretty good -- so far I've gone from 43 wpm to 58. My goal, at which I check it off my project list, is 70 wpm.

      One tip: make an @computer checklist (separate from Next Actions) of all of your routine computer activities, like checking email; and put "typing practice" as one of these activities. If you look at the checklist whenever your at the computer, you'll be less likely to flake out of practicing. The reason you'll want to put it on a checklist instead of an action list to prevent checking off, then forgetting, an iterative next action before you've reached your successful outcome.


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        Thanks to both of you. Guess I need to add check out Mavis Beacon on my @internet list. Good idea of @computer checklist.


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          How often do you use your computer?

          My typing stunk a couple of years ago. Then I taught myself to position my fingers on the keyboard correctly, and forced myself to use my thumbs to hit the spacebar, and to use all my fingers to hit the letters - not just my 'pointer' fingers.

          I taught myself where 'ASDF' and "JKL;" are. I then practiced G and H.

          Once I was in the habit of doing that, I figured out the top line of the keyboard.

          Then, I figured out the bottom row.

          I was only looking down to hit the Shift key eventually. Later, I realized that I wasn't looking down for the shift key anymore.

          Suddenly, I realized that I can touch type with fairly high accuracy.

          I've had no real typing training, and found Mavis and similar programs way too boring.

          So, for me, I just figured out the main principles and now it's all automatic.

          I used to think that touch-typing was unattainable for me, but now I know how to do it without even thinking. It's fantastic!

          If you use your computer all day every day, then just put your fingers in the right spot, and practice by doing your normal work.

          I promise that it works. It's not a quick fix, but it certainly is a progressive improvement with little real effort or boring exercises.

          Hope this helps,