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First the tools, then …

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  • First the tools, then …

    I’m getting a great buzz out of re-listening to the GTD Fast CDs.

    I will go so far as to make the following bald statement: GTD is not about NAs, Outcomes, projects, lists etc etc … it’s abut the way your head feels after you have unloaded everything into your trusted system.

    The most obvious feature of the original GTD book is the system. Everyone loves it, everyone is attracted to it, and everyone immediately starts to either adapt their current tools to run GTD, or else they go out to buy some new tools.

    That’s fine.

    But in both the GTD Fast CDs and especially the second book, “Ready for Anything” , the dominant focus is on the exciting, energy filled, wide open spaces that open up in our heads and in our view of life after the system is bedded in.

    After the first major mind dump and mega in-try purge, I, and I presume almost everyone else, floated on air for days. We have to preserve this!

    David rightly emphasises that we must keep up the discipline of the weekly review, and the zero based approach to in trays and e-mails.

    But I believe the most important thing for us to do from the very start is to focus on the great sense of relief and mental freedom, and to set out and explore it. With GTD you get your mind and your driver seat back. Possibilities become possible again.

    So, learn the mechanics as quickly as possible, because that’s just the beginning. GTD is not about your system, it’s about your life.


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    Thanks for the reminder to focus on the results, not get lost in the process.