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How to view my email and tasks simultaneously on 1 screen?

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  • How to view my email and tasks simultaneously on 1 screen?

    I love the plugin, but find having to switch back and forth between my email inbox and my tasks view means I stay longer in my inbox --> breaks my newly forming good habits about working out of my project/task list, NOT my inbox.

    I can't find a way to simultaneously view either my email inbox (or other email folder) AND my calendar or task list.

    Anyone know how to do this? I searched the forum already but came up empty handed...

    Thanks so much in advance.

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    There are a couple of options, none perfect.

    1. Open a separate Outlook window for your calendar / taskpad (right click the Calendar icon and select Open in New Window). Then you can alt-tab between the two quickly instead of switching folders in the main Outlook window.

    2. If #1 works, it can be enhanced if you have a multi-monitor setup (like a laptop in a docking station with an external monitor). Configure Windows to extend your desktop onto both monitors. Then have your email or calendar open on your primary monitor (whichever you consider primary) and have the other one sitting on the other screen.

    3. If you really want tasks and email on the same view in Outlook, consider (for about 4 seconds) FranklinCovey's PlanPlus add-in for Outlook. It has a PlanPlus Home view that integrates Calendar, Tasks, Notes, and Email into one view. But it'll totally ruin your GTD philosophy with it's daily task list focus, rigidity, and buggy software. RUN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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      Thanks for the tips. The Franklin Covey suggestion is good in that it lets me know it is technically possible to support multiple views within Outlook. But I'm definitely NOT wanting to abandon the GTD plugin! I really like it, but know it could be so much better if I didn't have to switch back and forth between scanning my tasks, and scanning my inbox.

      Seems like the Outlook devs/gurus might know a way to do this with some little known configuration or maybe a generic 3rd-party "multi-folder" Outlook view. Or maybe I'm wishing on a star here... But I'm definitely hopeful.


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        It is possible to create a custom "today" screen which lists whatever you want, but you have to get dirty with some code. I started creating one about six months ago to do exactly what you're after, plus list announcements pulled from our intranet - but then other things became more important and I haven't revisited that project. I know I spent some time on MSDN when I was working on it, but don't have a specific URL to give you - sorry!