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  • Master Tasking

    I just posted a blog entry on a concept called Master Tasking. It is congruent with GTD and helps me keep my work life focused on the important rather than the merely urgent.

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    This is excellent!

    Hi Michael,

    I just wanted to say that this is excellent! It is so important for us to step back from the constant "doing" to make sure we are focused on what our top priorities are. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I am looking forward to your next article on time blocking. I do this already, but am always eager to learn things from others!

    Best regards,


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      You're blog is definitely one of my favourites.

      Keep up the great blogging.

      Do you have a @blog action list?



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        Thanks for your kind words.

        I don't have a @blog list, but that's actually a great idea! I could use this as a place to keep a list of potential blog topics. Excellent.


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          Thanks Michael

          Agreed - a great post Michael. FWIW, the @blog context has been a great addition to my list for some time now. I use it to create tasks from the RSS items I want to blog about that come via NewsGator into Outlook.


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            If I could back that into the GTD context, I see your post as an excellent fleshing out of the roles/18-month-timeline aspects of the 20,000 foot level as described by DA. It has a good solid proactive character. The more immediate and recognisable aspects of our roles can have a reactive nature (“when a certain type of thing shows up it lands on my desk because that is what I do”); but if we really want to make something of our position, then the better road is to actively take the reins and make sure we maximize our engagement with our accountability and turn it to our advantage by demonstrating what are effectively leadership qualities – even though our job may only be part ways up the organisational tree.

            I am still in New Year mode, and I have been actively honing the definitions of my various work roles. Your blog entry is nicely timed.




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              Michael, I have recommended your blog to several people. Those who actually check it out have found it to be helpful. It has become a regular stop for me. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and ideas.