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  • Sales & GTD Question

    As an outside salesperson I was curious as to how many of you would handle the following. When I am prospecting and want to get an appointment with a potential new client, do I put this client down on my Project List, then add him to my calls list until I secure my first appointment or would you just put them on calls immediately and leave him there until I've made contact?

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    The answer may depend upon the sheer volume of prospects you are working with, as well as whether you are cultivating one-shot sales events or repetitive business. However, for me each potential customer is an independent project and my N/A is to make substantive contact in person, by email, by phone, etc. The successful outcome of the project is almost universal, which I express generally as:

    Successful outcome = "Customer (xxx) is an engaged, satisfied customer"
    This means there is an ongoing relationship of some type with the customer in which they & I are currently satisfied with whatever is going on with that relationship.