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Cheap Organizing Tools?

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  • Cheap Organizing Tools?

    Now I'm pissed I can't afford a PDA, Laptap, Voice Recorder, or any of those fancy technological equipment. I use Hotmail's Calendar & Contact List for Names/Number/Addys---Waay better than a paper planner--I hate them! I'm a great digital patriot. For my next actions list I use a wordpad document. For jotting down notes anywhere I use 2 papers folded up into a notebook size sturdy enough to be written on & I write on post-it notes on a wall while washing dishes at work. If I go out for errands, I check the NA list, write it down on the notepad, and take it with me. I also write anything I could be doing while out (brainstorming, projects, reading, etc.)

    Problem: 1)Can't afford technology 2)Calendar, Contact List, & NA List not portable--Well somewhat.

    Any better solutions, recommendations, suggestions, comments?

    Thank You.

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    Re: Cheap Organizing Tools?

    Originally posted by adamsoprano
    1)Can't afford technology 2)Calendar, Contact List, & NA List not portable--Well somewhat.

    Any better solutions, recommendations, suggestions, comments?
    Are your really sure that you can't afford a used PDA?

    If digital ist important for you and your notes are small enough to fit on post-it notes, I assume even an outdated PALM would be sufficient.



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      Know any good places for used PDAs?


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        What do you mean by cheap?

        e-bay sells Palm Vx's for ~ 80 bucks. Its got 8 MB and that amount of memory got my by for years. The IIIxe runs on AAAs and goes for about 60-70 bucks on e-bay. I'd take either of those two over the m100 series since the m100 screens are noticeably smaller.

        also for the ultra cheap & considerably LoFi try anyone of the permutations of the 3x5 card pda aka the Hipster PDA:

        Any big office supply store will sell the set of 500 index cards, bulldog clips and ultrahip Fisher Space pen for about $22. without the pen then its about $5-$7.

        good luck.


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          eBay is a good source for used electronics of all kinds. Even new, low-end PDAs are under $100 these days.

          If you want a paper solution, lots of people seem to like index cards. They're cheap, portable, and easy to reorganize. Depending on how full your calendar and address book are, you could print them onto card stock as well.

          Good luck!



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            PalmOne has an online factory outlet where the "open box specials" have pretty good deals. The Zire21 which is the reincarnation of the m105 sells for $59 has the full palm one warranty and free shipping to boot.


            or the blemished Zire21's can be had for just $49.


            good luck.


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              Low cost Palms

              In fairness to the M1++ series, they are tougher than the average Palm, since they have a plastic digitizer rather than glass. The resolution on the M130 is not bad at all. And the screen is noticeably smaller only when you are comparing them to another device.

              I used the M130 (which still works fine) until I could upgrade to a refurbished Zire 71. I really like having a built in camera. Cost a year ago was $149 and it's been working fine. I would definitely consider getting a used trailing edge Palm. Some folks still use the Palm V series.


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                Thanks a million for that $50 palm. I'll see if i can get a bunch of folks to chip in for it for my birthday