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  • Pigpog

    Okay, what is pigpog? I see it a lot and I have no clue. Someone throw me a bone.

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    It's someone's implementation/variation of GTD.

    From the forum topic "all our favorite links in one place."


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      Er, hi...

      ...that would be me.

      Actually, it was the result of a few discussions on the GTD_Palm Yahoo! Group. I wrote it all up here...

      Very briefly, it you don't have a seperate projects list, just use something like...

      * Next Action #Project Name your lists. Works pretty nicely in anything computerised, as long as you can live with just one next action per project. MarkTAW has done a similar system for paper users here...


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          I'm a happy pigpog user. Occasionally, I even list more than one next action simultaneously. My main next action, which is an item in the Palm task list, looks like this: +Smith: Draft correspondence to opposing counsel. Project support materials, such as future next actions, go in the attached note. The task and accompanying note do not get deleted. Instead, as I complete each next action, I simply add a new one in the header of the project task. Although I generally only list one next action for a project, if I want to have more than one next action on my context lists, I just put a (2) in the header so I know not to store my project stuff there, and I can delete it when I'm done. An extra next action for the Smith project would look like this under my system: +Smith: Telephone call to client regarding settlement offer (2). I use the + so when I run a find with +Smith all my project-related stuff comes up. Some people put the project names in parentheses or brackets. One advantage of this system, among others, is that you don't need a separate project list because your next action list is essentially a project list in itself.


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            Aha! *this* explains why pigpog made no sense to me (BTW, I'm not the original poster on this thread).

            I do NOT have a PDA of any type, so the workings of same are a total mystery to me. Even though I read the pigpog how-tos on the links list, it just didn't click.

            Thanks for clarifying it, at least for me! I'll stick to my paper lists, Post-Its, etc., for now. PlannerPads arrived yesterday, but they don't start until April 1. Will probably make photocopies and write over the dates for Feb/Mar.

            Am in the middle of brain dump--I think I'm at the scary point (Jeez, just look at all this stuff...), not the "Ah! Brain is Empty; System is Full" point, though. Hope to break through to the other side by tonight or tomorrow (DH is away for the weekend; my time is *only* my own, my dogs', my cats', and my clients').

            But I'll leave off thinking about pigpog.



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              Originally posted by CKH
              But I'll leave off thinking about pigpog.
              Yes, pigpog's utility is primarily for computerized stuff. If I were using paper, I would maintain a separate project list as DA recommends.


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                Deferred Items

                Sometimes, the next action on a project is a meeting or some task that is date specific.

                For those of you that use PigPog, do you do anything special? e.g.,

                1. move the entire task onto the calendar (so you have an appoinment like)

                Bill & Gary Discuss next Phase +WebReporting Project
                project outlie

                2. Put a note in the task, like:

                Brainstorm follow-up actions from bill & gary Meeting +WebReporting Project