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    In DA's website he said he uses @agenda for people that he comes in contact with and writes info on what he plans to talk about. My question is does he keep adding names as he deals with people or are these names a particular group that he deals with on a on-going basis. I am a sales manager and I am looking for a way to keep a log in my palm for each of my sales reps. i.e. - delegation of sales lead or just information talked about. Any suggestions?

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    I'm not in sales, but I would think that if you're thinking about keeping a log of what you discuss with your sales reps, then you might want to just keep that in a list. Each rep could have a page/file to themselves. That will make it easy to find one when you need it, plus you could keep a log of each meeting without going back and forth from an NA list and a log. You could even purge each log of info as necessary.


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      To keep information for reference about things you have discussed with somebody, it might just suffice to use the notes field in the address book.

      To keep track of things I need to follow up on, I create new "to do" entry with the name of the person involved and the subject, and use @WaitingFor or @Agenda as the category depending on the subject. I normally use @Agenda for people who I deal with regularly as well as for those with whom I meet only ocassionally.

      I use Agendus instead of the original Palm apps. When listing meetings or "to dos" it includes the name of the contact in a different colour. It is also possible to see all the meetings and "to dos" associated with a contact from the address book. It is useful to have this log for interactions with someone.

      I have used at times a nice application called 2Action Meeting. This lets you keep a record of meetings, including those present, notes, topics and "to dos" arising from the meeting. The "to dos" can be linked to the Palm "to do" list. The topics however, cannot be linked to,say, "to do" @Agenda. This is the reason why I now just use Agendus.


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        What do I do if I want to discuss e-mails, or tasks I allready have in my system with the persons in the @agenda??


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          Enter a new task, category @Agenda, [name of person] topic. Or duplicate the task and assign it to category @Agenda and enter [name of person]. To discuss an email, I would enter "Email "topic for email, [name of person], category @Agenda.