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Next Action List or Project List

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  • Next Action List or Project List

    I've been using an outliner (CircusPonies Notebook for Mac) to keep my lists on a powerbook.

    I've got a separate page for each project. On each page I have the next action for the project.

    I gather that I'm doing it wrong and that I shuold have a separate list of projects and next actions.

    Rob Blau

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    Yes, Next Actions are project agnostic.

    Think of Next Actions as a shopping list. You don't create your shopping list by recipe (seperate list for each recipe), you create it based on the fact that you'll be in the supermarket. If you're really savvy, you create the list based on supermarket aisle.

    Similarly, Next Actions should be sorted (if at all) based on situation. Things you can do when you're @phone, @computer, etc. I suspect 99% of the people don't need to do this because they're not on the road all the time. When you're at your desk, every tool you need is there with you.