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    I was sitting in my car today between appointments going through my lists when a new action popped up. It was @computer action that had to be done today, but would have to wait until I got home. Should have put this next action on both my calender and @computer list or just calender?

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    If the action had to be done on a certain date, you should have made it just an untimed calender item for that date. If the action could have been done on any date up to a deadline, you could put it on the @computer list and include the due date in the action list item discription. As the due date approaches, and you have not completed the action, I would transfer it from @computer to the calender as an untimed calender item.

    Others may also use tickler (paper or computer) messages to remind them of actions with due dates in advance of the deadline to encourage completion of the action item ahead of schedule.

    Hop this helps.


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      I would just call my house and leave a message. My answering machine is an inbox.


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        I second the answering machine. Many's the time I've left myself a message when I was teaching school and had 30 seconds to do something and NO WRITING INSTRUMENT because I was on outdoor duty with students. I called myself on the way back in to my classroom.

        Yep; the answering machine is a great collection tool.



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          If it has to be done by a date (and or time), it goes on the calendar as a deadline and has an alarm with it.