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My first proper Weekly Review

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  • My first proper Weekly Review

    I've been following GTD for about a year - I use this term lightly as I haven't really done a Weekly Review properly before.

    I've been good with my Action Lists - but I've been spending too long trying to find the perfect way to link Projects to Actions that I spent time tweaking when I should have been reviewing. I've now gone back to a sort of plain vanilla system - Outlook set up as per the Workflow PDF and syncing with KeySuite.

    Well - I did my first Weekly Review and don't I feel good I printed out my projects list and used that to ensure all my projects had next actions, crossing off each project as I reviewed it.

    I now feel squeaky clean and ready to face work tomorrow. In fact, I felt so energized that I did a ton of next actions (this time making sure I created the next NA as soon as I had finished it) and made some real progress with some of my projects.

    So - if you haven't done it yet, you're missing out on an incredible feeling.

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    Good on ya!

    It is interesting to read your comments as I am sitting here doing my 1st Review...Just setting up my system

    I wish I felt better about it, and maybe I will when I'm done.

    I guess what is frustration is I really haven't had any "Aha!" moments yet. Most of the stuff I'm processing is just getting filed for reference or tossed. Lots of stuff getting tossed. My DH is thrilled that I'm doing so much decluttering, but I'm not really feeling I'm more focused or organized yet.

    Well, that's not entirely true. I found many things i thought were lost, so I suppose that's an "Aha!"


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      You're on the way though - and you will feel better. I remember my collection phase - it wasn't pretty and I got pretty stressed about it. I found abandoned projects, broken agreements and lots and lots of clutter. But they were all there before I started GTD - GTD just made everything visible.

      Keep going - I seem to remember a selection of pictures on Jason's website showing him doing a processing session - it always looks a little (or a lot!) chaotic when that's happening. But when it's all in it's right place it'll look great


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        I think I've had a couple of Aha! moments!!!

        One, if you start to get tight on file space, just get more file space. Don't start scrimping on filing. I literally just grabbed some plastic toy box from my daughter's room that is the right size for files. I put it on top of my existing file cabinet and suddenly I felt relaxed and enjoyed making the files again. Yes, I'll need to replace the toy box with something more effective, but for now, it keeps me moving!

        I think one of the reasons this office was such a disaster was that I wasn't filing things because I'd run out of space. Just get more cabinets. (And add a project to purge the existing file cabinets.)

        Already, I'm relaxing because I KNOW where some interesting stuff is. I know where ALL the pictures of my dog's wins are. I no longer feel stressed that I should make up a photo album. Who cares. The photos are where I can find them.


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          Weekly Review


          I know the feeling - I did a weekly review once. It felt great!