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    I was browsing through Scientific American/April 2005 and found a fun tidbit.

    Researchers discovered that people can't gauge the future demands on their time as well as they can thier money. Without knowing about upcoming specific tasks, people act as if they'll have more time tomorrow. They seem to forget that new things are going to come up that will put demands on their time. When tomorrow arrives, people discover they are too busy to do what they thought they'd be able to do.

    The findings were published in Journal of Experimental Psychology.

    This is no news to any of us, huh?

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    Originally posted by K2Karen
    This is no news to any of us, huh?
    No surprise at all, but it is still amazing how hard it is to not take on more than one can handle. I have enough work to keep me busy until October 2006 (I'm not joking), but I still have to fight to get myself to say no to new major projects.



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      "Never put off until tomorrow":
      1) what you already know can be put off until the day after tomorrow.