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"How many of you have heard about..."

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  • "How many of you have heard about..."

    In seminars, I'm starting off by taking a somewhat informal poll:

    "How many of you have heard about about this seminar from someone who has attended before?"

    In many seminars (three of four last week and the one today) a good portion of the audience raised their hands.

    Who out there has seen one of us live, and how do you talk about the seminar experience if someone asks?

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    I've been to both the Managing Workflow and Focus and Vision public seminars. How do I talk about it to others? Can you say "evangelist"?

    Randy Stokes


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      You don't have to see it to be an evangelist ?

      I am evangelizing to friends and on discussion groups based solely on reading the books, the Workflow Processing Outlook download, and the discussion groups (this and the others on Yahoo! and Google).


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        Hi Jason

        Haven't seen you, David or any of your team live. You haven't made it to New Zealand yet for me to do so....


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          New Zealand? Hmm, I'm guessing if anyone gets to go, it'll be David, not Jason. However, Jason, if David sends you to New Zealand, and you need someone to carry bags for you and sell books in the back of the room, you know how to reach me!

          Randy Stokes


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            I have been to the two day seminar twice
            I went to the focus and vision seminar once.
            I heard about David Allen through the old Franklin Covey web site, which lead me to the the David Allen web site. I bought the book as soon as it came out and heard about the seminar through the web site.

            I loved the seminars. The second time I took the managing work flow seminar I think I got even more out of it because I was more aware of how it worked and where it wasn't working for me. I listen to the Getting things done tape to keep it fresh periodically.When you are alone and slogging away at your desk its a great way to reconnect.
            I liked the two day seminar because it truly was time away from work to do nothing but think about this stuff. How am I getting things done compared to how it could be done? There is something about having that time away from the office with other people who are interested in the same thing that makes it a very valuable experience.I hope no matter how invested David Allen Co gets in web based education, they don't totally abandon the face to face for those of us who are individuals and not large corporations.

            I would have taken the focus and vision seminar again if I could have fit it in.

            I have told any number of people about the seminar. I believe a few went and I know of at least one who was closed out. Boston is big David Allen country. I have also given the book as a present to a number of people and I gave the Getting things done fast tapes to someone as a special present.


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              I would love to attend one of the DA seminars, but haven't seen any dates for public seminars this year. (Am I missing something?) One near Dallas, Texas would be much appreciated, as I would like to drag my much-in-need-of-GTD husband along!