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GTD in healthcare - request for questions/issues

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  • GTD in healthcare - request for questions/issues

    Serendipitously, I may (or may not) be chosen to participate in a conference call with David in the upcoming weeks. He'll be giving a one day seminar at my workplace, a large healthcare organization (hint: hospital) in about a month.

    I believe the conference call is to discuss issues unique to implementing GTD in a healthcare workplace.

    So I'm opening the floor: if your work in healthcare, what issues/problems do you have in getting things done, or implementing GTD?

    If I get a chance to ask these questions, I'll post the answers back to this board

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    Hospital - highly varied work environment

    I find many GTD-related challenges working in the hospital (MD). Different days bring different support system constraints, and working in multiple environments complicates GTD "collecting" and matching context to NA.

    System Mechanics:
    When I'm in the operating room, only a PDA, small notebook, or 3x5 cards fit in scrub-suit pockets. I'm not a fan of PDAs for data entry (but they are great for clinical databases.)

    Other in-hospital meetings would benefit from the access to documents and data entry on a laptop.

    I also travel for lecturing and committee meetings. All of you road warriors know the organizing challenges that are inherent in that life.

    GTD Applicability:
    Weekly review-type reviews and identification of NAs are "huddle like" behaviors that are performed by high-performance teams dealing with stressful/chaotic situations. Taking time to stop and plan - if only for a few seconds - helps prevent miscommunications and wasted energy by improving situational awareness.

    GTD applicability to patient care:
    The methodology of separating processing from NA could help w/more effective distribution of workload to appropriate health care workers. The "waiting for" concept is starting to be applied in emerging clinical information systems as automated process exception errors.

    Finally: The stress of patient care is sufficiently challenging, so if GTD helps achieve "stress-free productivity" with the non-patient care aspects of the job, it is most welcome.