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A solution for Home versus Work!

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  • A solution for Home versus Work!

    I was having trouble determining how to track Home (Personal) Items from Work items. I had found that the @Home wasn't enough - since I had calls to make (@Calls), errands, and projects which I wanted to keep track of. However, printing a fresh list for the weekend was way too long with all the work items. A search of the list here had suggestions from two different lists - to one big list.

    So here is what I did (using the GTD plug in).
    1) First - personal items are either in the @Home category - or marked Private in the Task window.
    2) Copy the View for GTD (Actions) and make a new view called GTD (Home).
    3) Modify the filter to use the advance tab, and add the following criteria:
    - Category equals @Home
    - Sensativity equals Private
    - Completed does not equal Completed
    4) Now, the filters do not support "OR" so we need to click the SQL Tab and do the following. Change the first "AND" to "OR". Place a "(" at the start of the line, and a ")" just before the second "AND".
    5) Click OK to save the filter.

    Your new Home view will now show anything @Home and anything marked Private (only uncompleted items). This allows you to use all the @Context's for your personal items.

    Hope this helps.


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    Interesting use of private in Outlook

    This might be pretty handy in effectively increasing the limited number of categories on a Palm without cluttering things up -- as an add-on would that simply provided for more categories.