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n/as that are neither immediate nor SDMB

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  • n/as that are neither immediate nor SDMB

    How do you indicate for yourself that you want to do some n/as on projects, but only after a certain date? I have some projects that must be done this week , so everything else that can be is getting suspended. I am still processing but I don't want to add to my n/a list until I finish these other things and I do want to clutter my calendar with n/as that do not really and trully have to be done on a given date. Also, I might find it takes longer to complete the current "emergency" projects, so I don't want to put the n/as for the "postponed" but not SDMB projects on my calendar for a specific date.

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    I either put the item in my tickler file (especially for things that have paper associated with them), or put an appropriately dated task on my NA list. It's there, so I can trust that I won't forget it, but I don't have to worry about it until I have time.



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      Originally posted by Jamie Elis
      How do you indicate for yourself that you want to do some n/as on projects, but only after a certain date?
      Have you ever looked at Above & Beyond ( It is quite simply the best time planning software on the planet. It's not a replacement for GTD though, but it could be a useful way of implementing it. It can do exactly what you describe.

      Windows only unfortunately.


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        A couple ideas ...

        a.) Put the project on your projects list now, but put an NA on your calendar of the date when you want to start working on it, e.g. "Define NA for project XYZ".

        It won't get in the way when you review your NA list for things to "do", but it will show up both at the weekly review and on the date you want to start the project.

        b.) Leave it off your project list for now. Put a reminder in a tickler or on your calendar, "Organize project XYZ", as a trigger to add it to your project list and define the NA. "Organize" as in GTD, phase three. You could also add it to S/M list ... a little belt & suspenders.



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          Put the project on Someday/Maybe, put a note with the project and next action in your tickler file. If the project flow depends on the next action in question, then it's effectively an inactive project until you're willing to do the next action, so it shouldn't be on the project list. But by parking it in Someday/Maybe, you can at least see it in the weekly review and possibly decide that you can resume the project sooner than planned.


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            waiting for me


            Here's what I do

            I list the project in my project list.

            I list the first na at my action list - I give it the wf category. Sometimes I write something like - wf April. This items are reiviewd weekly. When the right time for the job comes - I change the category from wf to na.