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Sorting Tasks in Outlook & KeySuite

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  • Sorting Tasks in Outlook & KeySuite

    I use KeySuite on my Treo 650, and I sync it with Outlook. In my task list I use the format "E: pick up dry cleaning" "P: call abc client" etc. I've never had a problem with Outlook sorting it alphabetically, so all the Ps are together, etc. However, now that I use KeySuite, anytime I create a task in this format (the letter followed by a colon), after I HotSync, the new tasks appear in random places, not in order.

    I know this isn't a techie forum, but I can't get any answers from KeySuite on this. I thought if anyone had experienced it, I might find them here.

    Has anyone experienced this and/or found a cure? Thanks.

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    Task Sorting in KeyTasks

    In the most recent versions of KeySuite, the "Show" button of KeyTasks gives a screen at the top of which is a drop down menu for sorting action. Choose "Alphabetic" to sort the way you want. However....
    1) I am surprised you are managing things this way. I assume you are using Categories for some other purpose?
    2) I am surprised Chapura did not respond. Their support is good.



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      The problem isn't in KeySuite, it's the sorting in Outlook. As soon as I sync a new task I created on the handheld, the desktop version in Outlook doesn't sort the new task. It's strange. Only happens on Outlook after I sync a task that was created in KeySuite.

      Yes, I use categories for something else.

      Thanks for your reply!


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        Outlook sorting

        It's a bit hard to know what is going on in Outlook. For example, does the current view go out of sort, or all views, or what? I suppose you just resort in the usual way when this happens?


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          No, the current view does not go out of sort. Just the new task is out of sort, and just appears either at the bottom of the sort or in some other random order of the sort. In other words, every task I create in Outlook sorts fine in both KeySuite and Outlook. Every task I create in KeySuite sorts fine in KeySuite, but will not sort with the rest in Outlook.

          After a sync, I try to reset the sort, but nothing works. It's like those KeySuite-created tasks are stuck in the order they sync over or something. I can't figure it out.

          I've sent an email and a contact form submission to KeySuite, and still no response after two days. It must be an Outlook or HotSync issue. Not sure who else to ask.


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            Just got a reply from Chapura:

            "I was able to reproduce the problem that you are having with KeySuite.
            I have forwarded a copy of your email to our development team as a
            suggestion to correct this in a future update to the software.

            I apologize for any inconvenience this problem is causing you."

            So, sounds like it's a new known bug.