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OK, I've just completed a Next Action...

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  • OK, I've just completed a Next Action...

    Do I remove it from my Next Action list and wait until my Weekly Review to add the next NA? Or do I try to figure out the next NA and write it in now?

    I can see advantages to both systems. In the first case, I spend less time worrying about higher-level goals during the week and can instead focus on indvidual actions. However, I can see myself making only a little progress on each project every week.

    What do you all do?

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    Remove it from the list and replace it with the new action if it occurs to you. If it doesn't, you'll have time to catch it in the weekly review. The weekly review is your fail safe, but you don't want to hold yourself back from making action decisions or taking actions just because they aren't on the list yet.


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      Like Gameboy said. The weekly review is your backup, to make sure you haven't let anything slip. While you *can* wait until the weekly review to identify the next Next Action, you shouldn't turn off your common sense, either.



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        Completed NAs create a decision point in projects with lots of uncertainty

        If you understand the entire sequence of actions for a project and there isn't much uncertainty about the timing of next actions or the sequence of steps for the upcoming week, then you can and probably should lay out a week's worth of actions at a time. If you don't really know what all the steps might be or if there is uncertainty about sequence and timing AND the project is urgent, then you have no choice but to make an interim project review at the completion of each step of the project.
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