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  • GTD -New Product Idea

    I wrote this on another post, but thought it might get buried...

    I think David has room for a new product. I think a video training format where a person is "followed" as he implements GTD concepts would be excellent. It would include voice overs for the "thinking" that the subject would do as he/she processed things on the front end, decided Next Actions, and worked by context. It would include pause points for instruction in each of the five stages, and then a clip showing that in action in "real life." This kind of a training tool could "walk" a person through the GTD concepts as laid out in the book, in a visual way. You could develop it further and break it up into a series of lessons dealing with do/delegate/defer or meeting processing or project planning, all built on the foundation of the five-step process.

    I know such a tool would have helped me a lot in the beginning. My guess is that it would be particularly useful to introduce the concepts in a High School or College situation, or for small group training. I would personally use such a tool for refreshment and motivation on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this kind of product is usually sold at "corporate" prices. Anyone else think this would have been helpful?


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    Sounds like a good idea, especially for auditory and visual types who learn faster from experiences heard and seen than from words on a page. Many of us are so word-oriented that sometimes we forget there are other ways to acquire information. Talk it up!


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      Now that's a fantastic idea. I second that idea



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        Fumsup Here

        Great idea. I took from you post that you would have
        • a tape/CD for "classic" GTD implementation, in the corporate mode, and
        • a "student" version geared for those in HS or university (with a nice young geeky star, in a school and dorm/home setting, I presume).

        Might I also suggest:
        • one that combines the classic GTD implementation with an Outlook add-on tutorial, and
        • a "home" version that includes household management and home-based business activity.

        All of these tapes/CDs could be bundled with GTD FAST and/or a copy of the book. The version that includes the Outlook add-in tutorial could include the add-on itself, plus the FAST CDs/book. The student version could include a DA-approved P-Touch and a batch of the labels most frequently used in GTD work. (DA should be getting royalties from Brother at this point anyway; how about a special GTD P-Touch like the 3600/9600, which use the Avery file folder labels as well as the regular tapes, but with battery capability?) The home version could include a window cling that proclaims "I Got It Done TODAY!"

        Just kidding on that last one. Seriously, great idea!


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          I love the household and home based business idea along with all of the traditional settings.