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Expansion of the "threefold model for evaluating daily work"

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  • Expansion of the "threefold model for evaluating daily work"

    I've written a piece on my own expansion of the threefold model for evaluating daily work. This is essentially the result of observations of my own behavior when deciding which action to choose from a very long list. It probably won't apply to every situation, but may spark some ideas if you're feeling overwhelmed by your action lists.


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    Excellent Point!

    You have brought to consciousness strategies for managing workflow that we have all used, often unconsciously. I don't think there is a right or wrong to any of the strategies, either, as long as they are consciously chosen and don't conflict with something urgent or important at a higher level. I probably wouldn't give a whole day to any of them, but I have certainly given most of them a half-day at one time or another.


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      Yeah, I think a blend throughout the day could be more realistic for long term viability. It may not even be something that needs to be consciously addressed (it could just be handled intuitively), but I thought I'd try consciously putting myself in these modes for a while to see if it makes any difference.

      I guess the key point might be that having multiple strategies for "attacking" action lists can be useful, especially if each strategy addresses a different weakness (or perceived weakness).

      For example, another strategy I overlooked is "maximize billable/profitable actions," which could be used if cash flow is looking grim.


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        Thanks for this - very helpful. I especially like what you've called 'mosquito tasks' - very apt name for what I guess are tasks that don't fall into the two minute rule so hang around and bother you nonetheless.
        I'm going to experiment with this one and schedule in some regular 'mosquito hours'!
        (Change of topic - was also browsing your blog and having a look at the Ultra Recall app. Looks very interesting, I'm going to download and have a play. Thanks.)


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          I love those stratergies. Looking at your list I started to recognise some of them but I hadn't conciously adopted them - I stumble from NA to NA. I haven't analysed my own patterns but I see some opportunities using a more pre-determined plan such as yours. Thanks for the nudge in the right direction.