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2 Minute Rule

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  • 2 Minute Rule

    I apply the 2 minute rule when in processing mode. However, what do others do in situations like this:

    I complete a next action for a given project. I identify the next action. Do you then apply the 2 minute rule to the new next action - and keep drilling down into the project until you cant do anymore or do you switch to another action on a different project.

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    If I work in the flow state and have no hard time restrictions I work until the workflow stumbles. Then I decide the NA.
    I dont't think it's useful to interrupt the flow state.



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      If I'm actively working on a project, I keep going until I get stuck or run out of time. If I'm processing my inbox and encounter a chain of two minute tasks (look up garage phone number THEN call garage THEN check appointment time with husband, etc.), I try to cut it short after 5-10 minutes.

      I'm fortunate enough to have an assistant, so I can often delegate this kind of chain to her. That transforms the whole chain from a project to a @WaitingFor, which is nice.



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        Since the principle behind the 2 minute rule is that it takes as long or longer to list, review and delist an action than to do it in the first place, I don't see the point of suspending the rule just because the action that follows it belongs to the same project. The only time I don't follow the 2 minute rule is when time constraints force me to reduce it to a shorter interval.


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          2 Minute Rule

          Yeah that clears things up thanks