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Any more users of PlannerPads out there?

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  • Any more users of PlannerPads out there?

    I have seen a lot of previous posts from users of PlannerPads on this forum, but have not seen anything for a while. I have the Executive size planner with the nice leather cover. I love the focus of the week. I put my major roles for the section at the top and record the 2-5 major goals/outcomes for each one that I wish to focus on for the week. The only drawback I have right now, albeit a minor one, is that this size planner with the leather cover is heavy and bulky!

    Are there anymore success stories out there from fellow GTD and PlannerPad users?


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    Planner Pad

    I use the next smaller size (junior?) that is 8.5 * 5.5. I use an indexed journal in the back for notes and action items. I love the weekly planning aspect of planner pads plus having a whole year in a relatively small notebook. I use wire bound as opposed to the binder (which was too bulky).


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      Planner Pads

      I decided to try the Planner Pad after reading the earlier threads. I have the smaller 6 3/4 by 8 1/2 version and would feel lost without it. I use it every day to keep track of all my activities and to-do items. As I progress through the year, I can also look back to see on what date certain activities were accomplished. I also have a Clie, but I find that I am using it less. I bought a Planner Pad for my wife and she finds it useful as well.


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        I went from Palm to Plannerpad early this year, and have been very pleased. I also use the spiral-bound notebook, and keep a small lined notebook in the back for action lists (something I probably picked up from carriekris in the earlier Plannerpad thread - thanks!). At first I had problems running out of space for to-do's, but the notebook in the back solved that problem and I've been humming right along for 3-4 months now.


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          After reading about the Plannerpad here, I purchased one last July. I had tried many different systems but this is the one that I've used the most consistently for the longest period of time. As others have already expressed, I love the fact that it is spiral bound and it has a weekly focus (these preferences may be due to years of making up lesson plans). I also like the fact that you can change categories as often as needed. When I reorder, I plan on purchasing the inside pockets.

          One tip that others may find useful - I use a highlighter to go over the action items I've already completed. As the week goes on, the page gets more colorful! It looks much neater than if I crossed out the item and it allows me to go back and reread items if necessary.

          I am still tweaking my system. I'm not completely satisfied with the way I've used the pages in the back. What are the rest of you doing?


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            I try to order one but got no response from the company (I live in Thailand), so I use excel to create my own forms [Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Project(Grand), Project (Small), Someday/Maybe and Cornell Note).

            After using this mock-up for 2 weeks, I stop using palm as organize altogether. However, my system is under the development and will soon have more form.


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              PlannerPad binder system

              PlannerPad is the best weekly layout that I've seen. I've checked out everything and it is really is the best. I found that it's best to put the loose leaf PlannerPad in a full-size three-ring binder. I used Dave Allen's GTD recommendations to set up the tabs. Coupling the PlannerPad weekly calendar with GTD has been dynamite! Per Dave Allen, I tabbed in following in my binder:
              Calendar (your PLannerPad)
              Action Lists
              Project Planning/Notes
              It's been awesome.
              If you decide to do this you may find it a bit bulky. Especially if you have used other systems like a PDA or a smaller more portable paper based system. But I found that the biggest benefit was having everything in one place. For example, when I go to meetings the binder is with me and I don't have to bring an extra pad of paper. You can jot meeting notes, etc into your binder. Even journal or if you keep a daily diary, suggest you create a tab for that also.
              To keep the weight down, I purge it regularly and file old stuff into a reference binder. Another strategy to keeping the binder slim is to only use the portion of the calendar of maybe two to three months out and a few note paper sheets per tab.
              I use a Ghurka black leather binder: if anyone knows about Ghurka leather-it's extremely expensive. But it gives me a prosperous feeling everytime I open the cover. It's a motivator.
              Does anyone else have a set up like this? Or do you have any other recommendations for setting up a system with PlannerPad?