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Processing messages in exchange

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  • Processing messages in exchange

    I have recently migrated my email setup to an exchange server, I have my reference folders in a PST file in my work computer. I would like to be able to process my email while using exchange remotely.

    My challenge is that I can't file an email from the inbox while exchange to later migrate to my PST file. What I would like to do is create subfolders in the exchange mailbox so I can move my reference emails. To maintain my exchange mailbox size to the limit, once in my work machine I would like these files to be seamlesly tranfered to their corresponding folders in the PST file.

    Anyone found a solution to this issue?


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    I do not know whether your corporate policies will permit this, but my solution to your dilemma was to have my Exchange server configured to download all my e-mail to my laptop. I used Exchange only as a mail transport mechanism, not as a mail storage mechanism. By havng all my e-mail downloaded to my laptop I could create and arrange folders in my "outlook.pst" file as I desired.

    I also made heavy use of Outlook's e-mail rules to filter inbound e-mails into folders as they arrived. That pre-filtering saved me a lot of needless time I would have spent reading and classifying each e-mail to determine which project it was associated with. I just filtered every project's e-mails into specific folders and sub-folders for that project, then read through the project folders in priority order (I was usually working on half a dozen projects at once with a clearly established prioritization).


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      Thank you. This what I have been doing until now. Lugging my laptop back and forth, my goal is to avoid this for short travel, overnights and weekends. But still be able to process email completely while away from the office.