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Creativity and GTD

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  • Creativity and GTD

    I think one of the biggest advantages of GTD is that it prepares you to take everything out of your mind and put it on paper. This makes room for allowing creativity to flow, as cretaivity needs a clear mind. Lately I am taking a look at some of the books that are somewhat related to the concept of making room for creativity by allowing all what is in our heads to come out on a reliable system, such as GTD.

    My recommendations are as following.

    Bumped into the Wall by Amyn Lalji - A simple yet useful guide to including creativity as a way of life.
    Art of Possibility by Benjamin Zander - A totally different approach to creativity.
    Aha by Jordan Ayan - Lengthy and repetitive but really useful.
    The Highest Goal by Micheal Ray - based on the famous Creativity Course at Stanford.
    The Art of Looking Sideways by Alan Fletcher - Insights on many topics, worth reading.

    These are some of the books that talk one or the other way about taking everything out of yoru mind and giving room to creativity to flow. The first one even talks about GTD as a means.

    Tell me your list as well.

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    The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron.