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    I just received my new Planner Pad in the mail today. I am looking to set it up and thought I would throw out a couple of questions.

    How do you manage a large list of projects? My projects would take up more than the weekly page allows.

    Does anyone use the goals section in the back for anything other than goals? I thought about creating a master project list on those sheets and then processing them in my weekly review. Just looking for ideas.

    Any other tips that might help using GTD methods would be great!

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    Planner Pads

    I add a lined Daytimer journal in the back of the binder (I have the 5 pocket leather binder, spiral bound planner pad system). The front of the journal is used as a journal for notes. On some pages, I put lots of NA associated with that project and note the number in the index on the front. I capture my action items that I accumulate during the day starting from the back of the journal.

    When I have a controllable number of action items, paper is sufficient. At this time, I keep a computer list (can print out and stick in binder). So I transfer the items from my journal into my computer list at least weekly. I put a symbol on the top of the page when that page is processed.

    On the planner pad itself, I use the top to list projects that must get done. I can refer to the journal page number for all NA associated. The middle is for tasks or projects that must occur that day - as with the calendar. On the long column on the right goes all the personal things I want to do that week.

    The extra pages in the planner pad are used for reference data - British Airways frequent flier number, vacation days used, etc.

    Hope this helps


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      I think there's a few other threads on planner pads you can look at also.
      Different people on this board have tried them from time to time.