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Outlook question - How to auto-color private appointments?

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  • Outlook question - How to auto-color private appointments?

    At one point in time I thought I had a rule setup in Outlook that would automatically color/format all my appointments that were marked as "private".

    That rule apparently got inadvertantly erased or eliminated sometime ago, possibly when I installed an Outlook plugin. I now want to get this feature back, but cannot seem to figure out how to do it. I've looked under Automatic Formatting, but cannot find a "private" field listing to use to trigger an action.

    Anyone know how to do this?
    All help appreciated.

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    Go to:

    Automatic Reformatting>Add your rule>click on Condition>Advanced>Field(drop down menu)>All Appointment Fields>"Sensitivity"

    Then set the Condition to "Equals" and the Value to "Private".

    Finally, pick the colour you want from the first menu.

    Hope that helps.


    Colour coding is a GREAT option. Since in GTD, we put our "next actions" as a day appointment in Outlook, I use automatic formatting to colour code my next actions. This separates them from my actual full day appointments, birthdays, and the like. So, my errands would be one colour, calls another colour...things like that. Now that I've memorized my own colour code, I can instantly know what my day looks like without even having to read it, just by taking a quick look at the colours.

    Take care,


    PS. If anyone needs to know how to do this, I'll provide a tutorial. Let me know.


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      Thanks Bob, that was exactly what I was looking for.
      I looked through the fields but never thought of using "sensitivity".