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Sciral - Consisentcy?

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  • Sciral - Consisentcy?

    Has anyone played with Consistency from Sciral?

    Consistency looks promising for daily tasks and things that need to repeat, maybe be tracked, but not scheduled. It appears to provide a lot of info on what's working/not working with a quick glance.

    There's a limited feature version to try out (doesn't say how it's limited) and at $25 it's certainly not a big money risk.

    It reminds me of a Palm application called Blue Moon that I used a few years ago but eventually abandonded because it was a standalone, I couldn't link it to my calendar etc. I have the same concern for Consistency - one more ap to track.

    I've been implementing GTD with Outlook and the Outlook Add-In but wish it were more visual/graphically oriented, particularly for tracking progress.
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    I love the idea of Sciral too, but I wish it worked on a palm. I tried the trial version on a desktop, but it was too much hassle to turn on the computer just for that.

    If you use your computer often enough, it's probably not an issue.
    I think the trial limitation was a limit of 5 items to track.