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    Anyone have a list of things they want to do when they are taking a break to relax? When I am tired and need a break, I can never think of something relaxing to do, but when I'm working I have all sorts of things running through my head that would be nice to do if I took a moment to relax.
    • Read The Sound and The Fury
    • Knit valence for kitchen
    • Finish Member's Tour at Old Chicago's
    • Watch movie I taped last week
    • Read latest O Magazine
    ...and the list goes on.

    I'm trying to think of what I should put it under, though. There isn't really a specific location - it's more of a location in my mind that I need to associate with the list.

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    Not to do.

    For me more important is the list of things not to do during my free time. Not to watch dumb TV shows, not to think about work etc.


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      Great idea. I think that category justifies a top level context all it's own right next to @Work and @Home.


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        There are excellent meditation and relaxation CD's available from various vendors. I especially enjoy the music CD's that play bamboo flutes--extremely relaxing to listen to with headphones after a hard, stressful day at work.

        Various artists include Marina Raye, Deuter, Master Cannon, and Riley Lee, to name just a few. A simple google search with their names will send you to the appropriate web-sites and you can purchase their music on-line.

        Good luck "unwinding!"

        Danny Hardesty


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          Except for spontaneous decisions, I just put everything in the system, making no distinction between personal or professions, frivolous or serious. If it's hard landscape (e.g. a film) it goes on my calendar. If it's in discretionary time (reading a novel), I list it in the appropriate context. If it's something I might want to do in the future I put it in Someday/Maybe. The point is to keep an empty head. Even relaxing activities cause stress if left in psychic RAM.


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            An interesting idea.

            I love to read, so instead of a "To Read" NA list, I pile all my reading material next to my bed. Printouts of interesting web articles go here, too. If I want to kick up my feet and read something, I can glance at this big pile to find something to read (as opposed to remembering to check an electronic or paper list somewhere).


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              Relaxation CD's

              I use a relaxation CD that I really like that I actually got for free. It's at they just give them away. very cool.


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                Locations for R&R

                Originally posted by pageta
                Anyone have a list of things they want to do when they are taking a break to relax?
                I'm trying to think of what I should put it under, though....
                Just about all of those items do have a context. If you're like most GTD'ers it is something like @Home....unless you constantly carry that stuff around with you.

                You can just put them in the next action list, and when you are ready to kick back, just check the list, and pick the one you want.

                If you do carry reading materials around with you like the O magazine, you really don't need an action list, because when you get a chance to read something, you can just look through the reading materials you have with you. The materials themselves act as reminders.
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                  Hmmm.. this is a good idea. How about an @meditation -list of things to meditate on -- big picture questions..


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                    I have a "leisure" context with a few reminders in it. I do agree that it helps to put everything in the system, whether it's "work" or "play." (I'm attempting to lessen that distinction, anyway.)

                    Usually I don't have a hard time thinking of what to do to relax, though.

                    Do Mi


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                      I have a @Relax context. There's a couple entries for playing games or reading comix, by way of giving myself permission to goof off. I also consider studying Japanese fun, so that too goes into @Relax. Mostly, though, it's the books I'm currently reading. I find that if I can get "credit" for reading, I actually make a dent in the "To Be Read" stack. (This is all tracked in LifeBalance if that matters.)


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                        Just thought I'd through out a related question.

                        Has anyone tried Pzizz? For those who haven't heard of it, its a program that essentially creates nap "soundtracks" with voiceovers, music, and sounds, apparently with up to 1 billion (cue Dr. Evil) combinations, so you'd never hear the same thing twice.

                        Seeing as this is something that relates to the current category, just thought I'd see if there was any user feedback from the GTD forum.




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                          Thanks for mentioning Pzizz. Had never heard of it before. Merlin Mann recommends it on the LifeHacker site and it seems generally well-received at all sites I looked at. I bought a copy of the energizer and the sleep software. If you go to Pzizz thru the Pzizz link off the site, theres a 50% discount! Also a 75% discount if you are a student.

                          I'll let everyone know how I like it after giving it a good test.



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                            A couple of Categories I have for just this purpose:
                            • @break
                              A context based list for when I am on a work break. These are short things that will fit into a 15 minute period.
                            • meditation and visualization
                              An adhoc list of activities for when I have time to meditate or have scheduled time to meditate. A lot of the time this falls into breaks.
                            • @journal
                              Ideas for Journal Entries, writing ideas, drawings, etc.