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Hello from San Francisco!

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  • Hello from San Francisco!

    Hi every one! I'm a newbie from San Francisco!

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    Cash Junkies

    I get the impression, from looking at the Cash Junkies website, that we're all going to be spammed now by someone who signed up to get access to the membership list so he could spam us. Hope I'm wrong!


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      ggrozier, I too hope you are wrong.

      lazyzenith, are you acquainted with GTD? Do you have a question about it, or something to contribute from your own experience with GTD? If you are serious about GTD, please be more specific. Otherwise.....


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        Well, I checked my e-mail address listed in my profile, and it's an old one that hasn't been active for several months, since I switched ISP's. I almost changed it to the right one, but then I thought, better not. Not quite yet.

        I get very little spam anymore, anyway, but I'll just wait a while before I update my address, due to this--they must be getting really hard up to start harvesting e-mail addresses like this. I have to feel for people who get sucked in to such schemes.


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          Displaying Email Addresses On This Forum Is Optional

          Making your email address available in the your public profile on this forum is completely optional. To remove your email address from view on this forum, choose "Edit My Profile" at top, then "Edit Options." Scroll down and uncheck "Receive Email from Other Members" and click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page. Users will still be able to send you private messages through the forum, but your email address will no longer be displayed when someone clicks on "email this user" from your profile page.