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GTD and Management by/of crisis?

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  • GTD and Management by/of crisis?

    Help! I have been moving along 60 active projects action by action. I use the PDA calendar just for hard deadlines, @context lists for next actions, and I have folders for almost every project. I use the wall calendar as a communication device to other people, for a quick glace at major time factors, and for doing the more long-range thinking about moving prokects through time. Things were fine until 8 projects and 50 little single tasks became urgent, above and beyond in importance and time demand more immediate, than the others. These many little actions and the critical projects must be brought to completion faster than I had been moving and certain components have to be done within certain time or other resource boundaries.

    This is the same scenario as having a crisis occur that spawns a new group of projects that need immediate attention over and beyond what I have put on my context lists. And, if I don't give careful thought to the flow of actions and the opportunity to physically do them , I just won't be in the right context (such as when businesses are open or colleagues are available for consultation or people to unload equipment). I have to anticipate ahead by more than one action, often several actions. What do you do with your GTD methodology at that point to help you stay focused and keep the work flow moving? The existing n/as on my lists are going to be on hold until this new group of time-critical of n/as are completed.

    I also have to really look at the critical n/as and anticipate what the subsequent actions will be in order to put myself in the right context at the right time. How and where do you keep track of all that? It is in these situations that I revert back to paper and the to-do list, and that is where and how I saw the 50 itty-bitty tasks that need to be done ASAP.

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    In this case, you change your priorities.

    The projects (and associated next actions) that you can't get to now can be moved to your Someday/Maybe list. The suddenly urgent tasks can stay on your NA list.

    You may be having problems with your contexts. You mentioned needing to be aware of when businesses are open. This is why I divide my phone calls up into "@Phone - Daytime" and "@Phone - Evenings/Weekends". Also, there's nothing wrong with noting limitations on an NA within the NA itself, e.g., "Call Dave about new fridge, 12-5 Tue-Fri".