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Crisis prevention ideas.

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  • Crisis prevention ideas.

    In the midst of my current crisis, I have some insight into the cause, and I note them here in case they can be helpful to others and because I need to retain and review this information when these crises are resolved and I value the reactions of GTD community members.

    1. Failure in the weekly review to really think clearly about deadlines and capture that information in project planning and to use it in making a daily and weekly schedule of some type. And this has arisen because I did not actually put the dealines on a calendar which would give me a sense of the number of days I had to complete them in or attach them to a project title. An effective friend of mine writes in number of days left after his projects statements, maybe I should do this.
    2. Another is incomplete analysis of time and and resources required to complete a certain action.

    Included in that is how much mental fatigue results from completing certain actions and how much this impacts moving to the next one. That is a hard one in the work place context because you just can't always explain it or do something about it, espeically if it is because a co-worker either needs to be told things over and over, or loses lists and because and it can also be hard to admit if no one else finds certain things tiring (large group lunches for example).

    3. Yet another factor is failing to immediatly identify a subsequent n/a upon completion of one. There are a myriad of reasons for this. Forgetting or not using an exisitng cue to write in the next action, not being sure what it is, lack of consensus about an essential moving part (and this can be simple such whether the stockroom door lock is unreliable or complex like whether the current transcriptionist is making too many mistakes) or an impediment that I cannot do much about (such as the big boss is playing the radio so loudly I can't think) or the information needs to be extracted and used for solving the problem in the future.

    If any one has thoughts about these observations, I would be happy to consider them.And, I'll check back in post-crisis mode.

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