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Managing Contexts - again...

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  • Managing Contexts - again...

    I travel quite a lot in my job, and a lot of my next actions can only be done when I am visiting a particular location. Up to now, I've tried to group the NA's using an "@agenda" context, but the list is just getting too large.

    So I'm trying to decide between two solutions:

    Solution A: Use "@location" context.
    This solution means I would use one context "@location", with the first word of the NA being the location where the NA has to be done. For example: context = @location, NA = London: talk to B. about order

    Solution B: Use different location contexts.
    This solution means I would use a different context for each location. For example:
    @London: NA = Talk to B. about order
    @Birmingham: NA = See C. about new furniture.

    I could just try them and see what works, but I thought I'd see if anyone has any experience or advice they would like to share!

    Thanks very much in advance,


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    If these are really NAs you can only (or are only willing to) do in, say, London, then I'd have an @London context. Using an @location context would just give you one more list to look through: if I'm in London, I don't need to wade through NAs I can only do in Birmingham. That, to me, is the power of contexts: that you've decided up front where you can do these NAs, and then when you are in that context you can just "crank through them."

    I would only use an @location context if there were some technical reason to do so: if you were using categories on a palm for your contexts, for example, and didn't have enough of them to spare, or some such.