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Daily Activities in GTD

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  • Daily Activities in GTD

    Saw the note today about recurring weekly tasks. How do folks account for things they would like to accomplish each day, i.e. practice guitar, stretching, prayer, exercise, etc.?

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    In Outlook I set each daily task to recurr 1 day after completion. These I put into my "daily checklist" category. When I get home at the end of the day, I keep my eye on this list until everything is checked off. If I miss one or two things its no big deal. I have never been so successful getting chores done until I started doing it this way. The biggest thing for me is to not feel guilty if I don't get everything done.


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      I have created in Tasks a category called @1stThings Each Day. This list has things in it like

      *Walk and work out
      *No emails 1st hour; critcal task first
      *Language training
      *Time with God

      I open this first thing in the morning and work off it each day. It helps me do those things that matter most to me.


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        Try to incorporate it into a routine. For examxple, if you want to make your bed every day, make it a point to do it before you take a shower. You may need to remind yourself of it daily for a while, but only as long as you need to in order for it to become automatic.


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          PDA programs or written checklist or index cards

          Target Assistant cues you via PDA alarms-I don't have the details at hand but this program can do a lot to create habits. I got the trial but have not used ot consistently since I was on vacation. Sciral Consistency is one that lets you keep a running record. I think it looks good. As far as I can tell entiehr one lets you synch to desk or lap top so you can't pirnt out your record.

          I have used a teacher's roll book for a checklist-it works great but not perfect becuase you can't easily change the order if that is somethng that matters and there is no room for comments.

          Index cards-you can use differenent colors for frequency you need to do the tasks and put them in a dated tickler. This is outlined in a book by Peggy Jones and her sister Pam (name?) called the Side-Tracked Home-Executives. The only downsdie to this system is that they are cumbersome to carry if you have a lot of them, it tkaes a long time to create them, and you can't get a single view of your efforts (like on the roll book). You can keep adding cards, and attaching cards, and even staple a little fold out sheet as needed. I suspect that a more technical person than I can figure put how to make the cards from a list you type on the computer.

          We could do a whole forum on reminders, checklists, and schedules. Many of us need cues to direct our attention.


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            I've setup a Daily Action Review sheet (pdf) that I use to track the daily tasks I want to get done, and use LifeBalance on my PDA for the rest of my tasks.

            I kind of diverge from GTD in that I assign a point value to each action (usually it's only 1, but for more effortsome tasks it's increased) as a means of goal setting. Each day I add up the points for my daily actions, and then add in points I've gained from completing Next Actions that day.

            On Sundays, I do a 5-10 minute Weekly Action Review sheet (pdf) where I look at my everyday actions and give myself bonus points for consistently completing everything on my Everyday Actions list. Then I look at where I'm doing well and where I can use some improvement, and make note of that for the coming week.

            Once I reach 1500 points (it takes about a month or so), I reward myself with a bit of spending cash that I can put towards something on my wish lists.

            I know it seems a bit involved, but once it's setup it's very easy to do. It's amazing how a simple piece of paper can add accountability to my daily routine.

            I'm a student right now, working on a double major and a part time sales job, so it's geared towards that, but if anyone likes the idea and wants the original Illustrator .ai files to customize then I'll be glad to upload them.