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Ideas for how people handle people contents...

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  • Ideas for how people handle people contents...

    Just wanted to get some ideas for how people handle "people" contexts. I currently put people-related stuff under either "@Agendas" (I need to talk to them) or "Waiting For" (They owe me) or "Commitments" (I promised them something - more of a red flag for me).

    How fine do people break out their "@Agendas" stuff? I just kind of look at the list to see if there's anything I can do now, since I can contact a given person a number of ways (e-mail, call, see them if they're at the office).

    I've seen lists like
    @Calls - Work Hours
    @Calls - Personal Hours
    @Calls - Evening


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    Someone I work with regularly gets their own context. Things I need to contact clients about go in an @Client context.

    My system allows multiple contexts per NA, though. If I need to email a client to followup on some information I need, the item might be @Email, @Client, and also @Waiting For.

    What contexts put the information in front of you when you're in a position to act on it?



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      I have "Call during work hours" and "Call during evenings/weekends" lists, and if I'm going to meet with someone, I'll often build a list of things that I want to discuss (or physical items to bring or take away). I have a permanent list for visits to my parents, where it seems there's always something I want to bring or take back home.