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OT: Right Brain Seeks Left Brain. Anyone seen it?

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  • OT: Right Brain Seeks Left Brain. Anyone seen it?

    I'm going on the record with this:

    I have no left brain. I try, you know. I mean, I try and fake it, because that's the best I can do. I have a high-IQ, I read a lot, have a great education. But I'm on my, I don't know, 40th career. Something like that.

    I'm not lazy. I don't watch TV or lounge around. I never shirk my obligations.

    I participate in meetings and conference calls but it all -- goes right by me.

    I have no idea what the &!^*@ anyone's talking about. Right now I'm in middle of managing a project for The Company as it transitions from A to B. (The transitioning involves a major downsizing -- in fact, when it's over I don't think any of us here will have a job.) In any case, the guy at the top of the food chain wants all the files and documents at Point A scanned and organized so that they match up with the documents stored at Point B.

    And I've got four people waiting for me to tell them what to do. I honestly do not know. I mean, I told them, nicely, and they are working on it, apparently, but maybe I didn't convey it well.

    Because I don't get it -- some documents need to be scanned, some are in vaults, some are in the legal department, some are acquisition related, some are... to me, all I see is paper.

    I don't really GET the difference between all the paper. So I'm not REALLY sure what goes where. And I'm impressed that there are people here that seem to know. They really KNOW -- they can tell you in a second and when they speak up in the meeting everyone's like, YEAH! You know your (#*&! I stumble; I can't explain things. Becuase I don't really know.

    I think I was meant to be a writer.

    That's what I studied. But, well, I need a paycheck, you know. I may not have a left brain, but I'm somewhat grounded.

    So I work for this corporation and spend my days dreaming about all these entrepreneurial and creative things I want to do.

    The irony is, I'm barely making a living now. Probably wouldn't do MUCH worse if I simply sat in a room and wrote stories.

    Actually, that's not true. I do have health insurance now and I've GOT to bring home a paycheck.

    Someday, scientists will discover that there are people like me -- born without left brains. No matter what information, ideas, images or tools you put into our hands, we just cannot see it translating into real-world action. I love the concept of GTD. I just can't seem to wrap my brain around it. Maybe it's just me.

    I went into my garage last weekend and I pulled down all these binders with MindMaps that I made when I was heavily into that, reading all Tony Buzan's stuff. I did MindMaps for everything.

    I broke things down into doable steps. I used small drawings as well as text to help imagination meet action. (They haven't met still.) I used colored pens. I have all these phenomenal, phenomenal, MindMaps. I don't hate them or regret them. They are simply like old lovers who disappointed. Love, learn, next case.

    I really learned to draw during my MindMap phase. And to write text very nicely.

    Okay. I will now step down from the soap box.

    Someone bring in an intervention team.
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    Its Not Here!

    My eyes are watering from the laughter. I have sat in on just as many meetings and tried to look as though I knew what the ^%$# everyone else was talking about! I'm different than you though. I have found a way to hide out in a Fortune 100 company for the last 19 years without being discovered as an incompetent.

    I'd rather be good than look good. But not having the option of the former, I've determined that the latter is indispensable.

    This to me, is a worthwhile topic. I would like to collaborate with you on a book. "GTD With Half a Brain(?)" Or, "What the ^$%#^ is Going On?"

    I have no left brain either.


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      I'm so glad I'm not alone...
      BTW, dal1mdm in the voice of Billy Chrystal... Dahling, yoooou look mahvelous!


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        Baloney, your "left brain" is just fine!

        Nothing wrong with your "left brain"!

        Action becomes natural when you are working on something you actually care about.

        Why not start writing?

        And until writing can pay all the bills, hang on to the corporate job: health insurance is nothing to sneeze at (pun intended; where's my Claritin?)!


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          Originally posted by Vilmosz
          I love the concept of GTD. I just can't seem to wrap my brain around it. Maybe it's just me.
          I've seen one or two brave souls admit the same thing. Personally, I'd much rather spend time, and do, with the seeker/creative types...the one's who try, but can't seem to get comfy in their suit. Start a club, I'll join.


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            I think I must have your left brain. I am just the opposite. I don't think I went to the right line when they were handing out right brains. So now I have two left brains. Would we march to the same drummer if we held hands, I wonder? *grins*

            I hope I made you smile a bit. I want to recommend a book for you. I have enjoyed it very much. Lots of it makes sense to me the same way GTD does.

            It's called Organizing for the Creative Person by Dorothy Lehmkuhl and Dolores Cotter Lamping, C.S.W. subtitle: Right-brain styles for conquering clutter, mastering time, and reaching your goals.

            It's not to replace GTD, but to give you more right-brain ideas for keeping things where they make sense to you. And doing it in a FUN way.

            Maybe looking a different way at all the paper you must process in your job will help you manage the HUGE task you have been given. I would be pulling my hair out, I am sure!


            Good luck. You are not alone!


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              Thanks, Elena -- I'll read it...

              I've read plenty of books with cognitive-behavioral approaches. Maybe this one will help more than the others have.


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                Left Brainless

                I dont know how funny he meant for it to be, but I vote Vilmosz' post as the funniest I've ever read on this forum...

                (hit a little too close to home though)


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                  Right Brained Learner

                  Most teaching methods and tests are geared toward the left brained and this makes it a struggle for those who are right brain dominant to keep up. However, using a picture association method to memorize things can help level the playing field. I invite you to check outů



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                    Left or Right Brain?

                    Originally posted by RBL
                    I invite you to check outů
                    Just finished the quiz at and the result is:
                    "You Are 50% Left Brained, 50% Right Brained".
                    Now, does this have any consequences?



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                      Sinister plot

                      > Right Brain Seeks Left Brain. Anyone seen it?

                      Dear Right Brain,

                      Why have you humiliated me so much in public? (sniff) In from of all these strangers?
                      I've been so close to you all these years (sob) .
                      How come you can't see me when I've always been here for you ?

                      Remember all those times I analysed the situations vacant for you and helped you narrow down the job search?

                      And what about the structuring I did for you - splitting your view of the work transition into sections A and B. And who helped your analysis of corporate life as food chain?
                      Who got you organised on your writing studies?

                      And now I find you in this forum, trying to meet new brains!

                      I've half a mind to ...but no...cerebral divorce is out of the question...(sobs subside)
                      Look...maybe...if only you would date me before...I'm sure we could patch things up...

                      What say we take Andersons advice ? Meet me in the old place next Saturday.
                      I'll bring the plot structure, you bring the imagination.

                      Left Brain


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                        Right Brain like water?

                        Vilmosz, I concur with the others. What a great post! I feel I am amongst kindred souls here. I also have binders of mind maps and have read everything by Tony Buzan. I even bought children's books on how to draw to help me with the diagrams for the mmaps (whole brain thinking n'est ce pas?). And it worked. I can reasonably draw now too. It makes mundane projects and reports fun to do and remember. Ok, out of closet too.

                        And I also have a corporate career where I occasionally, but serruptitiously, do some right brain thinking. Sacrilege (did win some awards though).
                        I originally bought David's GTD book because it contained mind maps. I think David's philosophies and processes span both sides of the brain and are accessible to all of us. Saved my life to be sure.

                        If you are drawn to writing, perhaps a modern day success story is the fellow (don't have his name right now) who wrote his first novel, "The Notebook", while working in a pharmaceutical corporation. He was offered one million dollars for the movie rights and the rest is history. He's a writer now, with a good paycheck to boot.

                        Good book recommendation - "The Renaissance Soul" (Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One) by Margaret Lobenstine)
                        for the multi-gifted person (based on post - such as yourself)

                        Best Regards