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Right Brainless receives Left Brain Kudos

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  • Right Brainless receives Left Brain Kudos

    GTD will be a long process. I didn't have much luck getting through or implementing DA's first book, but I browsed the new one in the store and have decided to get it. It has more examples and that seems to be how I learn best.

    That said, and despite my previous post, I've actually received praise for doing my left-brain job. My company is tranisitioning majorly and I will almost certainly be gone from here by the end of September. Attempting to hang on, I've implemented one simple well-known strategy: Pick what your boss considers to be your most essential function and do it well. So I'm slacking in about a dozen areas, but in this one, I've made an impression. Of course, tieing for first place on my project list is finding another job.

    My vision is tripartite: to have a full-time job, nurture a small-business (a specifically marketed newsletter covering an area I used to write about when I was a medical journalist) and focus on a creative writing project. 30,000 feet for me (if I'm using the terminology correctly) is earning a living as a writer.