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Two offices, two computers...HELP!!

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  • Two offices, two computers...HELP!!

    I'm trying to implement GTD, and what I can do has made life much easier, and more efficient, but I've got a problem that has me stymied.

    I work at home 2 or 3 days a week, and out of town 3 or 4 days . At home, I have my laptop, with the GTD addin for Outlook, which I've found to be helpful. At the office, I have a university computer, hooked in to the university web, and I cannot add software to the computer (that includes the Outlook add-in). I've been printing my calendars and task lists, and putting Next Actions in project files to move information from one place to the other, and feel like I am losing more efficiency than I am gaining. I cannot synch the two computers, the Help Desk tells me I should get a PDA and use it to ferry info between the two. What does that do to information I have stored in the special GTD files and add in? Is there any GOOD way to coordinate my two sites?

    Does anyone have any suggestions to make life more GTD-friendly?

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    I use tasktoy from work and home to keep track of my projects and next actions.


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      2 computers 2 offices

      I use a pda (pocket pc) for this, you can sync pim information between the 2 and even update info when you are away from both of them.


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        I recommend using this great piece of software: Easy2Sync ( ). It can synchronize the .pst files of Outlook, the files where Outlook stores all your mail, contact, and task items.

        Since you are probably not allowed to install this tool at work either, here's the workaroud: Bring your university .pst file home using an USB memory stick and sync it with your Outlook at home. Before leaving for university sync it back again and overwrite the .pst file at your university's computer with the one on the memory stick. Got it?

        There is just one thing you have to do manually: Customize Outlook views at university to have GTD like lists.



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          Your solution is wrong...

          Quite simply - your chosein GTD implementation solution does not match your requirements.

          What I mean is, it is pointless using the Outlook add-in when it is only available at 1 of your 2 locations.

          I suggest you look for a different way of managing your commitments. Possibilities include:-
          1. Paper planner
          2. PDA
          3. A web-based solution

          Your budget/technology preferences may well influence which way you go.



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            simple implementation

            I have two computers as well and since they do not synch with one another I have implemented my lists in Excel spreadsheet form. That way I can email my lists back and forth as needed.

            My calendar is a bit more of a challenge. I have a PDA and try to use that but I have a better time seeing it. Like our big family wall calendar. I seem to like paper and I can always print out the calendar -- though I rarely do.

            After a few years trying this and that I still have not completely found my way. But I keep trying and things are getting better. :>)


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              I agree with jac; I think the Outlook add-in is not suited for your environment. I think you'd be more successful with something like a PDA or Hipster PDA.