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Recurring Tasks in Outlook

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  • Recurring Tasks in Outlook

    I want to set-up a daily recurring task in Outlook so that once I complete it, it goes away for the day (I am filtering out completed tasks) and I don't see it until the next day. Now, when I click complete....the completed one goes away but the new one shows up immediately.

    I don't think a due date filter will work for me because I have other tasks I want to see now even though the due date is later than today.


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    Use a start date too

    Within Outlook a task is "active" if the current date is between the start date and the due date. If you don't specify a start date for your daily recurring task, it should disappear until the next day. In order to show some tasks that have future due dates you may want to play around with start dates.


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      Recurring Tasks in Outlook

      One could use the "regenerate tasks " feature of the Outlook. In the recurrence patterns you would check "regenerate the tasks after 1 day of completed date". So as soon as it is completed then it will create a new task for next day.

      Hope this helps.



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        woods.....trees.....fill in the gap

        Can't believe the number of times I have set up a recurring task and not noticed that check box.

        Nice tip Sri