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Who moved my blackberry - funny

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  • Who moved my blackberry - funny

    For anyone working in corporate life this new book is just so funny it's a gotta have and read.

    I won't spoil the fun here but recommend checking out the reviews on amazon. If you hate corporate bs, see more politics than productivity at work, live by 24/7 email communication then you'll love this book.

    Lucy Kellaway (the author) writes for the FT and this clever book is a definite pi** take of one of those the corporate high fliers who uses bs bingo management lingo and subscribes to the latest management consulting fads. I particularly liked the emails between the High Flier and his coach Pandora!

    What's it got to do with GTD? Well don't we all take ourselves, our systems and our technology a little too seriously at times.

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    Who Moved My Blackberry

    Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be available in the US yet.


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      April 2006 for a US release as far as I can tell, I just added it to my wish list in Kaboodle.